Monday, August 1, 2011
I think the kids are getting tired of hanging out with just me here at the apartment, so when dad was home, Timothy successfully begged his way into watching Smurfs 3D at the Forum Mall.

We went online to look at the showtimes and to buy tickets. I found the movie, picked the time, and changed the ticket quantity to 4....then I was flummoxed. There was a box for "class". We quickly decided to wait until we got to the theater to buy the tickets, so we could ask someone what "class" meant.

For Smurfs, it didn't actually matter. The only class available was "classic", but here in India, the theaters have different types of seats, reminding me of the system in the old English play houses in Shakespeare's day. There were "classic" seats, which basically meant you were paying for the movie and a seat only. Then there was "gold" seating, which gave you access to a server and basic food and drink. Then there was the "premier" seating, or "the works". With the movie, you were served an entire meal, plus food and drink for the entire show.

Another interesting thing to learn. They stop the movie midway through for an intermission. We took the opportunity to order 4 ice cream sundaes from our server. Yum!


Chance said...

Wow, I like how they do their movies better!

Lorenda said...

Me too. I told Jason I totally want to open a theater in the States when we get back. Only I plan on using Jason's computer skills to install all the armrests with the full concessions menu, so you can select your beverages without talking, so as not to disturb neighbors.

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