Saturday, July 30, 2011
Jason bought me my first Sari on a recent shopping trip, and since then, my cook has filled me in on the important details my saleslady forgot to mention. Below is a picture of my Sari.

Also a picture of my living room furniture...I'll post pictures of the house furnishings as soon as we are finished furnishing; right now it would just make everyone feel sorry for me.

We are guessing the Sari is around 5 meters long (16ish feet) and it is more than slightly see-through. I tried to ask the salesperson what I'm supposed to wear under the sari, and she (I think) told me leggings and a tank top. As if - I only look good in leggings from the knee down. I also asked her where I purchase the small shirt that is worn under the sari draping up top. All she told me was 'take it to a tailor'

Well, my cook was nice enough to explain in a little more detail. Saris are sold with the material needed for the shirt still attached to the bolt of fabric. So - you take the entire sari to a tailor, they measure you, and then cut the needed material from the sari and sew the shirt.

As for the petticoat, they will use a separate fabric for it, but I think the extra money will be worth it. In addition to the above, the only leggings I brought with me are black. And if you ever come across a 16 foot long bolt of fabric on a Wal-Mart clearance shelf and think "this would make a great sari!" I'll leave you with some instructions on how to drape it. (Courtesy of Soch - the store where I bought the sari)


tracy said...

i am loving reading all about your adventures in india! i don't think i would be adjusting as well! hope things are going great for you all.

Lorenda said...

Glad you're enjoying. The only thing that really drives me crazy at this point is the lack of hot water in the bathroom sinks. I hate washing my face in the shower, only to find out I totally missed the mascara that ran onto my chin. I've started heating a pot of warm water on the stove for my daily routine.

So if that's the worst to come, I'll be fine. :)

Unknown said...

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