Thursday, January 24, 2013
Remember this post? Where I talk about being threatened by a lizard? Well, it's that season again, because the little monsters are yet again invading our home. In an effort not to scare my children, I've done my best to play it cool when they point out the reptile spying on us from the wall or ceiling, saying, "Yeah, I see that. Daddy will be home soon and we'll ask him to catch it." But that's not the only piece of Indian nature trying to scare us.

Don't get me wrong. I like birds. They're not my first choice for a pet, but they definitely rank far above snakes or lizards. But here in India, they can be really, really, scary.

On our apartment complex's announcement board, they refer to the oodles of pigeons that hang around day after day as the "pigeon menace". The phrasing made me laugh. Until the pigeons started to look menacing. One day, I asked my youngest to go put his empty plate in the sink. Our sink is located in a small washroom porch that is open to the outside.

When I heard him scream and start to cry, I ran over to see what had happened. Apparently, two of the pigeons had set up a love shack behind the dryer, and when Tyler opened the door, he startled them. It's a little difficult for the birds to fit behind the dryer, and they have to exit through a small opening near the floor, so by the time they were "out", the wings were flapping hard, right around poor Tyler's head.

They've done it to me a few times as well, and something flapping around your face when you weren't expecting anything does raise the ol' heart rate a tad.

Needless to say, we're not fond of our new squatters, especially since they fly around the drying rack I use for my clean dishes. So when Jason found a pigeon egg and the beginnings of a leaf nest, we knew it was time to do something. Jason found a company that specializes in curtains and blinds, and he had them come up and give us an estimate on a set. With everything included, it came out to about 100 USD (yes, we still convert everything in our head to USD to judge "reasonableness") and figured it was a somewhat small price to pay for clean dishes, a clean washer and dryer (did I mention they poop EVERYWHERE), and a delay on the inevitable talk about "the birds and the bees" with my youngest boy. (He already asked me "What does love-nest mean?" when I used the term when telling Jason about his attack.)

Our blinds were promised today, I'll let you know later whether that was an actual "today" or an "Indian today."
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