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We're the Christensens,  a family of four living in Bangalore for the next two years while Jason is on a work project. Jason and Lorenda were raised on opposite sides of the state of Oklahoma in the United States, and meeting while in college at Oklahoma State University. A few years later, they both graduated and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and over the course of a few years, Timothy and Tyler joined them. Following the call of Adventure, they all hopped on a plane to see the world.

Our Staff:

Jason is currently serving as Director of Technology - India for an American based company called Straxis Technology who specializes in mobile applications for Educational Institutions (schools, universities, etc). So if your Alma Mater has an iPhone or Android (or other mobile) application, it may have been created by Straxis. He enjoys any and all things computer or American football. Oh, and he likes soccer a lot too.

At home, Jason prefers the title "Remote Control King", though we generally refer to our brave leader as "Dad".

Lorenda is currently serving as Director and Educator of Children - Christensen Household, and spends her time trying to teach her kids how to read and understand math. This is particularly hilarious because she is pretty terrible at math, but is certain she can scrape by for the Kindergarten and 1st Grade years. She enjoys writing stories and eating her body weight in chocolate.

Timothy is currently serving as Joint Manager of Mayhem - Senior Staffer, and spends his time riding bicycles, watching Ben 10, and dressing as a pirate. He endures his mother's insistence at mastering phonics with aplomb, though he has on repeated occasions informed her "math is more fun."

Tyler is currently serving as Joint Manager of Mayhem - Junior Associate, and spends time playing Angry Birds, napping, and wearing Spiderman pajamas. He supports Timothy in his bid for World Domination, and only occasionally forgets he's the "Seeker" in their occasional games of Hide and Seek.

Welcome to our Diary, thanks for stopping by.
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