Friday, September 21, 2012
Eating Time!

"Lady's Finger" (Okra for all you Oklahomans)

Comfy Rugs

Monday, September 3, 2012
When trying to make my decision to move to Bangalore, I wondered a lot about the food and grocery experience, and whether, if I didn't like Indian food (I'd never tried it before the move), I would starve for lack of other options.

First of all, this ended up not being a large concern. While there are dishes I'll never be a fan of, I've certainly found some favorite Indian meals as well. So I thought I'd share a link to an online grocery store here in Bangalore. We haven't used this service (it's delivery to your flat or house), based on a quick look they stock the same things I find in physical grocery stores here, so it will at least give you an idea of whether you can get [food item] in India.

And, thank you to mergingtwoworlds, who in the comments recommended another online grocery that serves South and East Bangalore.

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