Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Most of you probably know by now that I write novels featuring dragons, and humor, and other fun things. My first book, Never Deal with Dragons, released July 22, 2013 and featured a woman named Myrna who worked as a mediator in a dragon-human arbitration office. Cover below:

Anyway, the second book in the series releases March 17, 2014, and I'm kinda interested in what you think...because the main character in this book, Carol, spends a good amount of time in Bangalore. I tried to capture a bit of the expat fun of exploring a new country in it...though she doesn't manage to "smell the roses" as much as I was able to do while there. (She's being chased by dragons most of the time - ha!)

I'm not posting buy links, because that's not the purpose of this blog, but if these books are something that looks fun, you can find them on Amazon, or you can read excerpts on my author page,

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
So, my good friend Josh (from Board Game Reviews by Josh - you should check it out. He's awesome. And an excellent writer. He should totally be a published author (like me) - except that he only writes about board games. Oh, and did I mention that he's typing this?) came and visited us. He suggested that there were a few things that I "missed" on my previous posts. Anyway, here's the "short" list:

In the bathroom:

  • Toilets are different.  Specifically, they don't like to flush toilet paper down the toilet - it takes about 2 gallons of water (or more) for a normal flush.
  • Urinals sometimes flush when you walk up to them.  Before you pee.  (Ok, I can't blame her for not knowing this one.)
  • The entire bathroom is an entire tiled unit.  When you shower, everything gets soaked - toilet, floor, etc.
  • You have to turn the hot water heater on.  Well - at least if you want hot water.

On the TV:

  • Shows start and end at random times.  It might run from 12:28-12:54.
  • Shows aren't 30 minutes.  They're as long as they feel like being.
  • They give you a countdown on when the commercials are finished (ok, that one's kinda cool).
  • The commercials are really, really, really loud
  • They let you know what season of a show you're watching - such as "Seinfeld Season 6 comes on at 11:00 PM".

At the Pharmacy:

  • Apparently Sudafed is banned.  Maybe.  They at least kept saying that it was banned
  • A pharmacy may or many not have the medicine you want - in fact, they may or may not have the medicine that they're advertising on the wall of the pharmacy.  That one was especially odd.
  • They write your name on the receipt as if it were a prescription pad.  Just your first name, though.  This seems to serve very little purpose.

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