Wednesday, January 8, 2014
So, my good friend Josh (from Board Game Reviews by Josh - you should check it out. He's awesome. And an excellent writer. He should totally be a published author (like me) - except that he only writes about board games. Oh, and did I mention that he's typing this?) came and visited us. He suggested that there were a few things that I "missed" on my previous posts. Anyway, here's the "short" list:

In the bathroom:

  • Toilets are different.  Specifically, they don't like to flush toilet paper down the toilet - it takes about 2 gallons of water (or more) for a normal flush.
  • Urinals sometimes flush when you walk up to them.  Before you pee.  (Ok, I can't blame her for not knowing this one.)
  • The entire bathroom is an entire tiled unit.  When you shower, everything gets soaked - toilet, floor, etc.
  • You have to turn the hot water heater on.  Well - at least if you want hot water.

On the TV:

  • Shows start and end at random times.  It might run from 12:28-12:54.
  • Shows aren't 30 minutes.  They're as long as they feel like being.
  • They give you a countdown on when the commercials are finished (ok, that one's kinda cool).
  • The commercials are really, really, really loud
  • They let you know what season of a show you're watching - such as "Seinfeld Season 6 comes on at 11:00 PM".

At the Pharmacy:

  • Apparently Sudafed is banned.  Maybe.  They at least kept saying that it was banned
  • A pharmacy may or many not have the medicine you want - in fact, they may or may not have the medicine that they're advertising on the wall of the pharmacy.  That one was especially odd.
  • They write your name on the receipt as if it were a prescription pad.  Just your first name, though.  This seems to serve very little purpose.


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