Wednesday, February 20, 2013
And you thought disagreements between US states over water were interesting.

Karnataka, the state Bangalore is located, possesses a cauvery system that supplies a neighboring Indian state (Tamil Nadu) with water. Rain has been in short supply here in Bangalore, and summer is fast approaching.

Karnataka has decided there isn't enough water to supply themselves in addition to Tamil Nadu, so they are repeatedly ignoring the Federal government's requests to release water to TN.

In addition to a 2-day strike, today and tomorrow, it seems TN has urged motorists not to cross the state border with their TN tags, and have stopped bus service.

I, from the safety of my own home, find this process fascinating. As an American, I've been raised on stories of state disagreements settled in court, or with the "help" (*cough, cough) of the Federal government if needed.

So to watch how a country with an iffy/inefficient court system attempts to solve disputes is really quite interesting.


Deepak said...

Well , the strike was not due to water disputes . It was called by trade unions to protest against inflation and some policy decisions.

And well the courts are working on the Cauvery river dispute

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