Thursday, July 28, 2011
For those of you curious folks, below are some photos of recent shopping receipts, to give you an idea of the prices on groceries over here. All amounts are in Indian Rupees, and at the time of this posting, 1 INR is Equal to .023 USD

And as a random note, we've noticed that people are not at all shy about asking us how much we make, how much our apartment rent is, or how much we pay our maid (this coming from another maid).

I'm willing to divulge some personal information for the sake of research and curiosity....I make around 0 USD a year...I quit my job.


Josh said...

Yes, but I don't buy vegetables, so this doesn't help much with comparing it to prices here...

Chance said...

So it looks like between all those you spent a little over $10 American dollars?

Any decent places to go out to eat?

Lorenda said...

Josh - there's some oil and rice in there too somewhere. :)

Chance - yes, I sent her with a 500 rupee bill (note to self, post pics of their currency) and got back a 5 rupee coin.

As for going out to eat, we haven't done much of it yet, the kids were totally excited McDonalds is here (chicken only menu). Jason found a "European" restaurant called Grigliati's where I ordered a Club Sandwich with fries. It was good, but didn't taste a thing like a Club. It had egg on it, which was weird.

Anonymous said...

In my place (Serbia) it is also normal to ask how much you earn, were did you got the money to buy some things, how much does things cost or to be criticized for spending to much. Many people take credit in last years. My grandmother thought me never to own to any one.

In US food cost 4 times more then here (I just calculated).
Average pay is 450 usd, in inner part of country is weary low from 120 usd to 200 usd because of 30% unemployment and people who had luck to work in foreign company's or sometimes manage state firms earn over 1500usd and above and they are rich.

Best job is job in state firm because all rules are followed, private bosses are prone to mobbing and making you do few jobs for pay.

I have more then average income (with husband pay calculated in) 120 usd goes on bills, 200 usd on food and what is left on medications, savings to buy some clothes or books or to go on coffee with friends, some lunch, maybe travel and similar...
I used to travel a lot but I get frustrated by price of food in Europe so I decided from this year I am going to place were food is cheap. India is great with food prices but I dont like their cosine at all :-).

My parents have bigger apartment and they sometimes pay maid because there is to much work and they are older, maid takes 20 usd per day.

So I guess we are still living better then in India despite 10 years of sanctions and last few years of crises and unemployment (lot of people loss jobs during privatization of state firms).

Till late 1980 we were living relaxed and nicely like you in U.S...

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