Thursday, July 14, 2011
So the boys and I are officially in our last week in the States, so of course we need a few emergencies to make our memories fond. Yesterday I was helping Tyler brush his teeth, and what do I see?

Yes. A large black cavity. So, preferring to get this fixed by a doctor I know rather than a trying to find one in a foreign country, I call the dentist and set up an appointment for the next day (today). We get to the office at 2pm (without a nap) and surprise, surprise Tyler refuses treatment.

He screams about x-rays. He screems about sitting in the chair. And he screams as the doctor and I pry open his mouth for a visual exam. The diagnosis is confirmed....tooth decay.

So, since the odds are bad that he will sit quietly in a chair as we clean, fill a cavity, or install a crown, the doctor and I decided that general anesthesia is the only way to go. So wish us luck as we go in tomorrow around noon and get whatever needs fixed fixed.


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