Saturday, August 20, 2011
Maybe I'm just crazy, but I've noticed a distinct inverse relationship to India's supply versus my demand.

For example, below picture shows my bottle of conditioner standing next to a regular container of Bath & Body Works body creme (8oz, for all you guys out there). As you can also see, the conditioner bottle is slightly crumpled; this is due to the fact that I tried to strangle it for the last drops just this morning. Who decided to sell conditioner in 3oz bottles? And no - this is the usual size here, it's not a travel sample. The shampoo however, comes in a 5 oz bottle. What? Doesn't everyone know you need AT LEAST three times as much conditioner as shampoo?

The same holds true for kitchen items. Only the "foreign" store sells microwave popcorn, so Jason has learned to make do with the stove top, pop-it-yourself version. Here's a picture of the package size.

 Pretty normal, right? Well, it is. . . until you put it next to the oil he uses to pop it. Geeze, we only need about a teaspoon.

And here's the smallest - yes you read that right - the smallest container of Soy Sauce in the store - a whopping 25 ounces!
Last but not least, our choices for bowls. Now, don't get me wrong, we CAN find different sizes of bowls-and have done so-but I wanted to show you the two sizes that came in our "6 person place setting" box. Any bowls considered "normal size" in the US must be bought individually. In the box sets, you get either a) serving bowls or b) tiny "ice cream" bowls.

I'm learning to adjust - except with the conditioner. Every time the store clerk gets a new shipment, I buy one shampoo and three conditioners. They think I'm strange. Yes, I'm the creepy doomsday prophet stocking up on beauty products instead of canned goods. If only Soy Sauce was good for my hair. . .


Mark Pearce said...

One, you obviously bathe too often; you're in India. Two, stop expecting to eat so much; you're in India. Three, I'm fairly certain you confused your bottle of oil with Cascade.

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