Monday, August 8, 2011
Sure, we all speak English, but we still have a hard time communicating.

For example, my maid originally worked seven days a week, coming every day at eleven. Well, I wanted a day where my house belonged to myself, so I attempted to tell her that Sunday could be her day-off. It took me thirty minutes, and an accidental mention of the word "holiday" before we understood each other. So, for future reference, "day-off" = "holiday"

Another fun time is when we're trying to get somewhere in a taxi. Day before yesterday, we needed to buy a battery backup to ensure our internet stayed on during the time when the power went out and the backup-generator kicked in. Jason decided to take us to Staples - you know, the home of the Easy Button. Well, here in India, Staples is not pronounced with a long "a" as you would assume. Here, the word sounds a lot like "Stop-less".

Go figure.


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