Friday, August 19, 2011
Sorry guys, my grueling work schedule (napping, eating, reading books) has prevented me from writing a deep and insightful blog post today. Instead, please enjoy some random pictures from my iPhone, taken at a restaurant called Griglioto's (Tim's favorite).

This is a picture of the "burgers" section of the Griglioto's menu. Notice the complete lack of beef. . . I asked about the "Chef's Special" Burger, since it describes it as a meat burger. It was made of chicken. I tried the lamb burger, and it was really good, but it can't beat beef. Hey, I'm from cattle country!

The above is probably one of the big reasons Timothy has decided Griglioto's is his favorite place to eat. After your meal, the server brings a bowl of the above for use as after dinner mints. Jason and I were not fans- he thought they tasted like cough syrup. I agreed, because they tasted exactly like Nyquil's licorice flavored yuck. The kids however, had no problem scarfing them down. We got back way after their bedtime, so I didn't get a chance to properly test whether they were asleep so fast after we got home due to the late hour, or the cough syrup in the dessert.

Happy Friday Everyone, today will be a great day!

Trust me. I'm from the future.


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