Tuesday, August 23, 2011
One thing my children are learning to love is the lack of car seats. We usually hire an auto to take us places within our neighborhood, and if we are going long distances, we pay for a taxi. In the taxis, we generally require the kids to at least sit down on the seats instead of standing up to peer through the windows, mostly because the cars can actually get to highway speeds, while autos generally don't go faster than around 30mph (this is a wild guess-I'm still totally baffled by the kph vs mph conversion, my brain wasn't made for math)

But for autos, since they aren't even equipped with seatbelts, we allow them to stand up and grip the metal handles for support. Scary? I think so. But any time I feel like I'm being a little too overprotective, I just look to the vehicles next to us on the road.

I grew up riding horses, and even then the idea of riding side-saddle scared me to death. This lady is brave!

Speaking of live animals, some of the cows actually work around here.

And this picture is blurry because these guys were sailing past our moving vehicle at an amazing speed. Who needs a car when you can pile three people on a bike? I'm betting we could get Tyler on the handlebars and we could all ride.


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