Wednesday, August 24, 2011
I've gotta say, I'm very impressed with the speed of construction crews over here. In Tulsa, the downtown road system (and other streets elsewhere) have been under construction for what seems like an eternity. I don't know whether it's just that I don't drive as much over here, or whether I'm telling the truth, but it seems like their roads and bridges go up twice as fast as ours.

But I get goosebumps when I see their housing construction. All over Bangalore, apartment complexes are in varying stages of completion. Most buildings here, including our apartment, are made entirely of concrete threaded with rebar. Which makes the below even more unbelievably scary to me:
(Double click the pic to make it larger).

Instead of using metal supports, it is very common to see tree limbs/posts jammed under a building to provide support until the concrete beams are added. Crazy!

Also, we see many half-built buildings with tarp strung up on rope to create "walls", and people live under them to provide support. We really aren't sure whether it's the homeless who do this, or whether the construction workers live there to get a jumpstart on the day. Either way, I know I wouldn't get any rest worrying about the posts coming loose and the ceiling crushing my sleeping body.

As for the scarecrow in the first picture, I have no idea what it's for.


Unknown said...

That building look totally wreck or at least it isn't, yet. Why did the mayor gave it a building permit? They're just wasting some money in building it.
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concrete repair said...

I think they need to work on that building as soon as possible. A lesser magnitude earthquake may ruin it. I hope that the owner of this building will realize the importance of safety and security.

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