Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Today, eight years ago, I put on a dress. My sister would tell you I put it on over swimsuit bottoms, because I couldn't find any clean underwear, but she'd be in trouble if she did.

Eight years ago, Pat Burroughs rushed back from a vacation to fix a melted cake. Eight years ago, Bettye Crutchfield frantically repaired the damage from an overnight storm in my parents yard. Eight years ago I stabbed millions of potatoes, chicken, and carrots onto kabob sticks and handed them over to J.R. to grill.

And Eight years ago, I managed to talk four girls into wearing the same outfit at a formal event....AND managed to get my dad in a tux.

But most importantly, I got married to an awesome guy who takes me on really cool adventures on other continents.

Happy Anniversary Jason!


Anonymous said...

And who would have thought it would lead to you two and two tow-headed boys in India? Happy Anniversary!

Pat Burroughs said...

Cute! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary. And that it's not as hot over there as it is here. And that your stomachs don't stay upset from smelling curry. Love you all!

Susan Shay said...

Great blog! Nice to "meet" you.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Brand Said:

I also remember messing up the music at your wedding. Sorry for that, your mom thought it was kinda funny afterwards.

Lorenda said...

I'm just glad I didn't put any "I hate you" or "Cryin' in my Beer" songs on the same CD.

I thought the music was perfect anyway.

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