Sunday, August 28, 2011
My cook and maid (mother and daughter) are off to Chennai for a cousin's wedding. Which means, for the next week I'm going to have to cook my own meals and sweep my own floors (how much you wanna bet they won't be swept on a daily basis?)

Because of the trip, I've found out we have a reputation in our complex. When Lakshmi originally asked off for the wedding (before we fired our first cook), I told her "sure, no problem" and she didn't mention it again. Now that their trip is quickly approaching, she's been assuring me at least twice a day that they will be back on the 2nd of September. I nodded in acknowledgement, wondering why she felt the need to tell me every day. I just figured my disorganized personality had shown through, and she didn't want me to forget.

Well, today she told me again "we'll be back on the 2nd" but then she added, "we will still work here, yes?" The light bulb came on. She was afraid we would fire her for being gone. I quickly assured her that we had no problem with her taking vacation, it was the unannounced absences that the other cook was let go for.

At first I felt bad about the misunderstanding. Then I decided it's probably not a bad thing to be known as "those people who won't pay you if you don't work". Score one for the Christensens!


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