Tuesday, August 30, 2011
The complex has a large amount of paved area, so Jason and I decided it would be great if the kids had some bikes to ride around on. I should probably point out the bike idea was mine, because it gave me the opportunity to sit down while allowing them some exercise. Tim's gotten really good whacking the plastic softball we brought from the US, and I was tired of chasing it down.

We had seen bikes at a specialty toy store (I'd compare it to a Toys R Us in the United States) and they were priced at around 4000 INR ($87) each. The one thing I've wholeheartedly embraced here in India is the pricing, and I thought we should shop around a bit first.

We're glad we did. We found a bicycle-only store just down the road from the toy store with bikes in both Tim and Ty's sizes. They were priced at 2300 and 2100. We forked the money over as quickly as possible, before the guy noticed we were foreigners and tried to raise the price. For another 250 INR, they delivered them to the apartment. (Home Delivery is another thing I've embraced.)

So - I took a short video of Tim and Ty trying out the new bikes. Notice the baskets and seat backs on both of the kids' bikes. It seems this is the standard design for children. Also, I was surprised to see the brakes on the handlebars, instead of in the pedals like I grew up with. Regardless, they promise hours of fun.


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