Thursday, August 25, 2011
Today our auto driver had to stop for gasoline/petrol before dropping us back at the apartment, and I took the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures.

Autos are three wheeled vehicles with one wheel in front, and two in back to support our enormous girth. And with the above, you now know where the gas tank is located. At the station, there are separate lines for autos and for automobiles. Fueling stations for cow-drawn wagons are elsewhere. (that's a joke people)
As far as I could tell, the fuel was self-serve, but attendants stood and accepted your money. I assume cash only at the auto pumps, since I didn't spot any credit card machines. I can't speak for the automobile pumps. One of the auto drivers mentioned that gasoline was subsidized by the government here in India, and I'm not sure whether that also applies to automobiles or not. Maybe that's why they have separate lines for each. (though the auto fuel dispenser clamped on much like a butane nozzle, not sure whether the automobile dispensers are like the ones in the US or not)

And while our driver was visting with the money collectors, I took the liberty of snapping a picture of the controls. This model was a fancy one, as in most of the other autos we've ridden in, there is a crank shaft on the floor near the driver's left foot to start the vehicle. The autos don't idle well, and so the drivers normally kill the engine when we're stopped in traffic, then yank the crank shaft to start it up again when we need to move. But the one pictured above started with a control on the dashboard. I'm sorry I didn't get it in the picture, but there was also a switch labelled "G" and "P", Gas and Petrol? Is there a difference? I have no clue.


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