Monday, August 22, 2011
So - someone else broke into our house last night.

He dropped in from the roof, pulled out our window unit air conditioner from our upstairs bedroom, and proceeded to break the lock on our front door.

I was able to describe the offender as around 6 feet tall, with dark blond hair and slight build.

Sound familiar?

Yes, you are correct. My husband broke in to our apartment. As we had enjoyed our last experience at the theater, we decided to take the kids to watch "Spy Kids" on opening weekend. We laughed, we cried, we ate and drank our weight in popcorn and Pepsi. And then we caught an auto (rickshaw) for the ride home.

We stepped out at the complex's front gate, and were halfway to our apartment block when Jason said "oh shoot." Sometime during the movie (we hoped) our apartment keys had fallen from his pants pocket. That option was certainly the most hoped for, as it would be next to impossible to locate our auto driver in the literally thousands of auto drivers in the city.

As we do not have spare keys (if you remember from a previous post, our owner 'does not believe in spares') Jason notified our maintenance office and they helped him onto the roof and with the removal of the window unit.

Our lock unfortunately requires a key from BOTH sides of the door, so they were forced to remove the entire mechanism before the door was open. And poor Jason had to take--yet another--auto back to the theater to retrieve his keys (FYI - he did).

So, all's well that ends well. We have to replace our lock and use the deadbolt until then, but look on the bright side. It made a pretty good blog post!


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