Sunday, August 14, 2011
To start this off, nobody technically "broke into" our house. I, being a particularly disgusting housewife, decided to shower around 6pm in the evening. This is around when Jason normally gets home, and we only have one key to the apartment complex (the owner 'does not believe in spare keys'). Afraid the kids wouldn't be able to let Jason in the apartment if he made it home before I got out, I left the front door unlocked.

Stupid. I know.

Well, imagine my surprise when I'm digging through my dresser, wrapped in a towel, and I hear "Madam!" from downstairs. Timothy runs up to tell me "old cook" is here.

You know, the one we fired. Actually, we tried to fire. The day I finally had enough (the same day she called to tell me the latest 'I need two days off' had turned into a week), I had told her that "I'm sorry, but I don't think this is working for us at all. We need someone we can count on to be here each day, and from what we've seen, that is not happening with you." She tried to argue with me over the phone, but I told her to expect a call from Jason (she had the attitude that she didn't have to listen to me because Jason was the one who hired her).

Well, for the entire week, Jason tried to call her, and she dodged our calls. Voicemail on cell phones is not common (or not available, I'm not sure), so we had no way to officially terminate her employment except through SMS/texting. We did so.

Apparently, she thought she'd have better luck in person. Knowing that I leave the door unlocked for Jason in the evenings, she let herself in while I was showering. NOT a mark in her favor.

Especially when my children were downstairs. Argh, I'm still shaking. Can't tell whether it's because I'm mad, or scared that I left my kids downstairs with a disgruntled former employee.

Long story short, I told her in no uncertain terms that she did not work for us anymore and she was no longer welcome in our apartment.

I locked the door behind her. Sorry Jason, but you'll have to ring the doorbell from now on. I guess I'll be showering with my cell phone on the sink.


Gena said...

I vote for a rescheduling of the shower. All in favor....

JOdenwald said...

Yikes! Scary stuff...

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