Saturday, August 13, 2011
Our new cook made us dinner tonight, and it looks really good. We haven't tried it yet, since we're waiting for Jason to get home from work, but I'm optimistic. Since the cook's "translator" was here (her daughter speaks English), I asked a lot of questions.

(As a side note, I'm very pleased she is willing to do the shopping for me, since many normal things like flour and corn are called atta and dal) Maybe I'll have some fun and compile a food translator while I'm here.

Tonight's menu - Chapati with Indian Egg Curry

I'll do my best to explain the process, but I was in and out of the kitchen playing with the kids, so try at your own risk.

For the Chapati - Mix wheat flour (Flour here is called Atta) with water and a small bit of salt and oil. Roll into golf-ball sized balls, then roll flat. Brown both sides on a pancake griddle. They come out looking exactly like you'd expect home-made tortillas to look like - only they taste better.

For the Egg Curry - Dice onion and tomato, place in pot with a small amount of water, oil, and salt, then cook/simmer covered for 10 minutes or so. Around halfway through the 10 minutes, add chilies (and garlic seasoning - ours is missing this, as I had none in the kitchen). Place (boiled) eggs in the mixture and you're done.

I forgot to ask how you eat the eggs - I'm going with the old fashioned fork approach, but the tomato/onion part I'm assuming you dip and eat with the chapati as done with most currys.


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