Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Gobi Masala
This dish is made from cauliflower, and it is yummy.
The cauliflower is cut, rolled in a flour/ghee mix and then cooked in a mix of masala (a combination of spices - this one came out of a pre-mix, so I honestly can't tell you what is in it), onion, tomato ketchup, and cilantro. The result is fried cauliflower with a slightly sweet, slightly spicy taste. So far, this is my favorite dish in India. (And Timothy's - I sorta let him believe it was chicken. :) Amazing how much better it was when he didn't know it was a vegetable.)

Dal (Corn)
For this Dal 'soup', chopped up kernal corn is cooked into a soft mixture using a pressure cooker. Tomatos, cilantro, onion, and a small amount of oil is mixed in. This is used as a "dip" for the chapati shown below.

Phulka Chapati - Unlike yesterday's chapati, our cook rolled this out, then added some butter (ghee) to one side. Then she folded the dough in thirds, then rolled it out again. Doing this caused the chapati to puff up with air when she placed it on the hot skillet. Pretty cool looking at the time, but you can't really tell from the picture above. It also tasted the same as yesterday's.


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