Friday, September 2, 2011
Not a happy thing when you live on the 7th Floor. I guess it could be worse.

A translation board for never occurred to me "quesadilla" would be weird over here.

I couldn't decide whether this was a mispelling or not. Is it supposed to be "feel"? Do we suffer the same differences in spelling as we do British English vs American (i.e. cheque vs check), or is this a joke I'm not getting?

My theme for this Friday was signs, so I'll bet you're wondering why I added this random picture of a guy, with no signs around. Well - that's easy, I'm showing you that you (at least guys) are allowed to pee pretty much anywhere, so long is there is not a sign posted to the contrary. This is a normal sight on our trips outside the apartment complex. And yes, I realize I took a picture of a guy peeing. I'm strange, I know.


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