Friday, September 16, 2011
This is of absolutely no interest to anyone except those who may be thinking of moving to Bangalore. However, I remember before our move trying to figure out what the cost of living would be, and I found casual mentions of prices very helpful.

So - because of the bedbug incident - I needed to get ALL of my large blankets and comforters washed, since we had them sprayed with pesticides. My washer is not big enough to handle these items. I walked down to a small dry cleaning shop just across the street from my apartment, grabbed a guy to come up and help me carry, and gathered everything into a large heap.

Final tally:

3 Double Comforters (U.S. residents, read this as "King Size")
2 Single Comforters ("Double", slightly smaller than "Queen")
3 Double Mattress Protectors
1 Single Mattress Protector
1 Bedsheet Double (I considered this a "light throw" instead of a bedsheet)

Total Cost for Items to be cleaned and delivered to my door by 9/19 (Monday morning) - 1170 INR ($25 dollars)


J and B India said...

Thanks for posting the information about dry cleaning. You're right, this is just the sort of random price quote that can be very helpful to others living (or considering living) here in Bangalore!

Lorenda said...

Yes - I remember searching for random things such as "shoes" or "iced tea". I told my husband I needed to start compiling a receipt booklet to post here.

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