Monday, September 19, 2011
You might remember this post or this post, where I talked about the Kerala Onam festival and all the fun events (and food!) involved. Well, this weekend our apartment complex had an Onam celebration. It was huge, so we have tons of pictures. Though our complex had a one day celebration, the Onam festival is generally celebrated over a 10 day period. I don't have THAT many pics, so I doubt you'll see 10 days here on the blog either. I'll just post a few every day until I run out (and hopefully a video - if I can figure out how to get it off my camera and on the computer) with a description or two.

This festival was great, because it was one that is not generally celebrated in Bangalore, so many of the residents were as unfamiliar as we were about the traditions. Which means the narrators would regularly provide a brief description of what was happening and why. Very good for a family totally unfamiliar with Indian festivals in general.

Sunday morning (festival day) we were greeted by a group of drummers just outside our window. They signalled that the festival was about to begin.

They also performed during the celebration. If you look closely (double click to open the picture larger in a new window), you may notice that the drumsticks are curved. Jason (a drummer himself) was intrigued by this. The drums were LOUD!


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