Thursday, September 15, 2011
Since the exterminators were here to spray, the kids and I had to leave the apartment for a good chunk of the afternoon, and with no real plans on where to go, I took them to the Forum Mall. They had a fantastic time, we ate pizza at Pizza Hut, went up to the kids arcade on the next floor, and stopped at McDonalds for an ice cream cone before heading back.

On the way, Timothy asked "when do the bug guys come again and let us play?"

Pics of the experience: Tim eating his ice cream happily, and Tyler somewhat happily - I had to tell him the ice cream had to be eaten BEFORE the cone - he'd already taken two bites before I caught him, so we were a mess. Luckily it started raining (like it does every evening in monsoon season), and I had them "dance" in the rain. Also Known As "taking a shower". I'm sneaky that way.


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