Wednesday, September 7, 2011
This past Saturday, Jason took us to the dreaded City Market - the one he mentions here. Based on his description, I was not sure I really wanted to go - not with two children to keep up with. But in the interest of tourism (and the fact that I rarely get out of the house during the week) I agreed to take a look.

Turns out, when you go early, there's not nearly the amount of people Jason experienced. (As a side note, there is rarely a large store open before 11am - all the chain stores here operate on the mall schedule.) Jason was terribly disappointed at the turnout, as he was really looking forward to my nervous breakdown. I don't handle crowds well at all - I wouldn't quite call it a phobia, but the idea of being at WalMart on the Friday after Thanksgiving literally gives me chills.

But I was pleasantly surprised at the City Market. We got there around 10:30AM, before most of the shops were open.

Pretty empty, huh?

This entire market focuses on Electronics, Machinery, and tools. (For all ye Home Improvement fans, insert Tim Allen grunting here)  Jason has been told there are other City Markets specializing in other types of products, but we were buying a power drill, so this is the one we wanted to visit. (I'll convince him to find a clothing and shoe store later.)

The amount of shops is outrageous - there are streets upon streets of buildings like the below, with shops on every floor.

By 11:30 AM, business was picking up, though Jason tells me this is still about a fourth of the people that he saw last time. This was plenty for me, as I expected to be hit by one of the zooming motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic.

And of course, we had to stop at one of the fresh fruit juice stands. We bought two glasses of pineapple juice, and watched as they tossed the pineapple into a blender to puree, then ran it through a screen strainer to remove all the pulp. Yum. The boys thought so too!


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