Sunday, September 18, 2011
This post is for all my Hillcrest friends (*waves wildly). I have been saving some of these pictures for weeks, trying to add a photo of an Ambulance to the mix, but I'm just not fast enough to whip out my phone and get it to the camera setting before they pass us (or we pass them). You'll just have to take my word for it - the ambulances here look like an odd hybrid between a US ambulance and a US news van.

From everything that I've been told, medical tourism is huge business over here especially procedures very costly in the US (and European countries) or not covered by medical insurance. The hospitals here are touted to be just as good or better than their western counterparts, and there are several national medical colleges in India.

For a mother with two children, this was good to hear. Of course, you never WANT to be in the position to need a hospital, but it's always best to prepare for the worst. This is one of the things we researched before deciding to move to Bangalore.

Now - what we didn't think to research.

I'm still hoping we never have to visit a hospital here, but it seems a little far fetched to hope my kids (3 and 5) never end up with an ear infection, flu, or other fever, vomit, or diarrhea inducing illness. With an adult, this isn't such a huge suffer, you whine to your significant other, and you lay on the couch (or bathroom floor) until you feel better. But with kids, especially younger ones, it's dangerous to do this in some cases. So - I've been keeping my eyes open for a doctor's office near our apartment.

Turns out it's not hard at all to find one. They are everywhere! It seems like there's an office on every street corner. But here's the kicker: How in the heck do we tell the difference between a "good" doctor's office and a "bad" one?

My solution? Ask the neighbors! Turns out, we have at least three docs who live right here in our complex, one of which runs a small clinic right outside our complex gates. Pretty nice to know if Tyler ever decides to throw up six times like he did yesterday. (We think he drank a little too much of his bathwater - mom wasn't paying enough attention. Whoops.)


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