Thursday, September 22, 2011
Today's photos are of the play the children put on to tell the story of the Oman festival. I really wanted to film this, but it was just so loud I was afraid the audio would sound like a car crash. Their costumes were fantastic, from the colors, to the wigs, and even a couple of drawn-on mustaches. By this point Tyler had fallen asleep, but Timothy enjoyed watching some of the kids he knew as they performed the reenactment.

The story (from -

"The legend goes this way; King Mahabali ruled the southern dynasty those days and was very famous for his wise, just and benevolent nature. He was egoistic and proud of his popularity and richness. At the same time, Lord Vishnu is perturbed due to Mahabali's fame. Thus, to deplete him off this popularity and to teach him a lesson, Vamana, the fifth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu, disguised as a Brahmin, and requested him three steps of land. Two steps of Him covered whole earth and patal (lower world). King Mahabali offered his head for the third step to be placed and thus King Mahabali was pushed down to 'patalam'.
Lord Vishnu was very pleased with the determination with which King Mahabali tried to fulfill his promise and allowed him to visit his country and people once in a year. Thus on the day of 'Onam' it is believed that the King Mahabali visits his country to see its prosperity and share the joy and spirit with the inhabitants. "


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