Sunday, September 11, 2011
Because this is the most comfortable pair of sandals I've ever worn.

Today Jason offered to watch the kids so I could make a quick run back to the mall we'd shopped at yesterday. It's called Total Mall and it's as close to a WalMart or Target I've seen since moving here. The first floor is filled with bedding, curtains, pots and pans, etc on one side and clothing on the other. The second floor houses the large appliances (washers, refrigerators) and furniture, while the third floor is a grocery (with the best selection of produce I've seen - IMO). We went yesterday as a family, but this kids aren't really fans of shopping, so we were forced to head back for a nap.

The shop I bought the shoes from is on the ground floor (which is NOT the first floor in India - floor levels here begin with 0), and is surrounded by some familiar brands from the US. Including a McDonalds. By the time we move back, I'll likely have visited every one of them in Bangalore.

Unfortunately I'd already bought my produce for the next few days, because right down the street from Total Mall is the biggest Farmer's Market EVER! It's huge and spans the entire road for at least a mile. I'm itching to stroll through the shops and get ripped off for being foreign like I did with the shoes. (They were 300 rupees ($6.50ish) and based on the saleslady's smug expression, she expected me to haggle a little)


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