Wednesday, September 21, 2011
So far, we've been called to the celebration by drummers, and dressed appropriately for the occasion. It's time to hit the party. We weren't fast enough to get a front seat, so most of these photo's you'll want to click and open in a new window to make them bigger.

The Onam celebration opened with a song. Our neighbor Deepta (Girija's daughter) was one of the performers. (Hi Deepta!) She is dressed in orange above.

Then the women, dressed in the traditional Kerala sari, also sang. My neighbor Girija is fourth from the right.

Then the dancing began! The above is a photo of the women performing a traditional Kerala group dance, the Thiruvathirakali, or Kaikottikkali. (You'll have to find someone smarter than me to pronounce this stuff) It's performed by women to achieve marital bliss. Jason amused himself by asking why I wasn't interested in performing. I told him to shut up I'm watching the dancing. :)


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