Tuesday, October 18, 2011
On Sunday of this week I, finally falling into some sort of routine, got out of bed and flipped the switch to turn on the water heater (did I mention that houses and apartments here do not have a single water heater left on and used for the entire house? If you've seen the new Karate Kid movie, you'll know what I mean). Anyway, I did this, then piddled around on my computer for a while.

Then I heard Tyler scream. We're still in the middle of a particularly long potty training phase (and by "phase" I mean that Jason and I insist while Tyler ignores and uses his diaper instead - don't get me started) and based on the noises from downstairs, I assumed he was just upset about the cleaning process. (In an effort to make him want to use a toilet, we've insisted that he clean his own bottom off. All our toilets here are equipped with a bidet/hand sprayer, and he uses this in lieu of wipes.

But the whining was especially intense today, so I reluctantly went down to asess. Imagine my surprise when I encountered a wet baby and a black substance that completely covered my blue bathroom floor. To say I was shocked was an understatement.

We found out later that the water system here at our apartment was being cleaned out, and that this is a normal process. The black stuff was all the yuck they cleaned from the pipes. Yum.

I gotta admit, I ran my shower for a long time before deciding the pipes were clean.


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