Wednesday, October 19, 2011
In the United States, we have basically two types of "plug-ins" or wall outlets. Normal size for lamps, televisions, vacuums, toaster ovens, etc and Utility size for Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, and large Power tools. That's it. Two.

Here in India, we are learning this is not the case. The first thing Jason bought was the below, a mini, single plug converter for our American devices.

This plugs into the below, the "standard" outlet size in our apartment. The switch is currently in the off position, and you flip it down to get any power. I learned this the hard way by waking up one morning with a dead iPhone.

We then bought several power strips to convert lots of the electronics that we brought from home, along with the Indian television we bought here in Bangalore. These units accept both Indian and American devices, which is very handy.

Indian plug for my new laptop.
"universal" Indian and American power strip

On to the kitchen! Here, we have what I've been calling the "mid-sized" outlet, which is what my toaster and microwave use. It uses the same on off switch as the "normal", and I haven't tried it, but it might also work for some smaller things as well. It DOES NOT work for our food processor, which we bought here in India.  The food processor is three pronged, but the width between the prongs is different, so we have to plug it into a "normal" plug in our washroom.

Several weeks ago, we asked the electrician to install another outlet in our washroom, so I could keep both my washer and dryer plugged in instead of switching with each load. Well, after repeated attempts to contact him, Jason managed to corner him in the basement, and he completed the job day before yesterday. 

And I almost cried when I saw what he did. you probably can't tell by the picture, but he installed the wrong size!!!! And this is after Jason walked him through what we wanted done. Grr! So now we have to find a converter for this as well. (I told the electrician to find one for us, since he's the one who did it wrong, and he promised me "tomorrow", but his record is holding, and he took off with our money and we haven't heard from him since.) 

So if you're moving to India, make sure you find a good electrician (or a store that sells converters)!


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