Sunday, October 9, 2011
Since we've moved into our two-story apartment here in Bangalore, the boys have taken great pleasure in helping mommy get all the dirty clothes from upstairs to down. This is because I allow them to toss the clothes from the upstairs railing to the dining room below. (It's a little harder to motivate them from this point.)

Well, I messed up. This morning, my youngest was acting especially bored, and I remembered his clothes were still in my bathroom floor from his bath yesterday, so I sent him up to "get your clothes and throw them off the balcony so mommy can wash them"

Excited, he hustled up the stairs. Imagine my surprise when I heard my oldest screaming "don't do that, you'll get a big spanking. Mom! Tyler is throwing his clothes!"

I came upstairs to tell my oldest that I had in fact asked the younger to do so. But they weren't in the apartment. That's right, Tyler had stepped outside to the terrace and proceeded to toss his clothes "off the balcony."

I forgot to specify which one.

So this morning I got to change out of pajamas and take a ride on the elevator to big Tyler's clothes off the concrete below. Yeah!

On the bright side, I met a new neighbor, and we had a nice chat.


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