Thursday, March 1, 2012
As I've mentioned earlier, my mother-in-law got the opportunity to come and see our "digs" in India. So we did what we could to give her a whirlwind tour of our tiny slice of Bangalore. First stop? The Forum Mall.

Jason decided to take us to the Mall's branch of Sahib Sindh Sultan, a North Indian restaurant. You walk in the door, and, in the dead center of the restaurant, is an enormous train. Very cool. The menu was huge, and there were so many things I had never even heard of, much less pronounce. But our servers were helpful, and soon we were swimming in food.

And they've changed my mind. Had you asked me before the trip which food I preferred, North or South Indian, I would have said South. But this stuff was GOOD. Spicy, but good.

Next time we go (and yes, there will be a next time), I'll try and get a photo of the menu. Yum!
I should probably mention: I'm shamelessly stealing my MIL's photos. This is a shot of Jason and I attempting to choose from the menu. We are sitting in the train car.

Timothy and a view "out" the train window at some of the other restaurant seating.

One of our waiters. Some were dressed in old military style suits, and some like the above.


Rachel said...

Our agent took us to Sahib Sindh Sultan a couple of years ago. Not my all-time fave, but definitely good!

Lorenda said...

I think we enjoyed it mostly because we could learn the names of the dishes we were eating. Even though I eat Indian food every night, since my cook doesn't speak English, I can't ask what the meal is called.

Rohan said...

For the best experience of eating Indian food, you should try a place called 'The Elements' on Mosque road in Frazer Town. For something like INR 600, you get to sit at a table while the chef prepares a multi course meal for you right in front of you - explaining how everything is made and what goes into it.

The food is delicious.... although the only down side is that its a lot of food, and it feels weird to leave it considering that the guys who male it are right in front of you.

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