Thursday, November 3, 2011
I had previously posted about the support system on new buildings here, and I recently found this picture on my phone and thought I would share. This is a common sight on the streets here in Bangalore. Trucks bring in loads of sand, soil, or other supplies, and essentially dump them on the side of the road. Workers scoop up a basket full, place the basket on their heads, and manually walk the materials down to where they are needed. Every once in a while we will see a truck being loaded with pieces of concrete to be hauled away, but it's just as common to see the concrete piled into the street in some locations. I'd like to see what types of permits are required for construction here, and who decides whether the waste must be hauled away or not.


concrete repair said...

On one side, the workers get a serious workout by carrying the materials manually. On the other hand, I think a few wheel barrows would be really useful.


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