Monday, November 14, 2011
Oh yes, it's official. I've fallen in love with the movie theaters here in India. I haven't made it to a Bollywood feature yet (though I have my eyes opened for any English-subtitled) but I'm certainly enjoying Hollywood's best.

Today, to celebrate Tim's birthday, we watched the 3D version of TINTIN. The movie wasn't showing in the Classic (read: regular) theater, so I went ahead and spend the rupees and got us Gold Level tickets. In my opinion, they were worth every cent (or paisa).

Tyler was too young to need a ticket, so they assigned us two seats. In this case, the "seats" were actually enormous leather recliners, complete with the tiny pillows available on first-class airline flights. The recline adjusted with a remote control, so with Tyler in my lap I was well on my way to sea-sick before the movie started. We love buttons.

Anyway, we had a waitress who took our drink and popcorn order, and the 3D glasses were actually shaped like glasses instead of goggles, so they were a lot more comfy on the bridge of my nose.

All in all, it was a great time, and I've told Jason from now on, we go gold!

And for you price lovers, two tickets to an after-noon showing was 1000 rupees (about $20 USD at the time of this posting)


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