Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Tomorrow is our oldest son's 6th birthday, and I'm resting up while I have the chance, because I'm going to be super tired tomorrow morning.

You see, since Tim's a little bummed to have a birthday without his US friends (or Incredible Pizza), Jason and I have decided to make it as exciting as possible.

With balloons. Around 700 to be exact. The plan: put the kids to bed on the top bunk in their room, blow up the balloons, toss them in, and wait for the reaction in the morning. Oh, and pray they don't decide to jump off the bed - we're matressing the floor just in case.

We'll follow up the fun with (yet another) trip to the movie theater, since his response when asked "what do you want for your birthday" was to watch Ra One.

After the movie, it's swimming in the complex pool. (I mean, seriously, did you think we'd pass up the chance to have a swimming party for a November birthday? They're unheard of in Oklahoma.)

Pictures to follow tomorrow.


Mark Pearce said...

My parents did the same thing for one of my birthdays. The reaction in the morning will likely be the beginning of a lifelong balloon phobia. You are cruel.

Lorenda said...

Well, Tim loved it. I'm the one with the balloon phobia. My palm is bruised from the hand pump, and my index fingers are swollen and painful (the left because I wrap the balloon around it, and the right because I push the end through to tie). We got a grand total of 3 hours of sleep.

But the kids are still having a lot of fun.

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