Thursday, June 9, 2011
Well, I guess it's my turn for an update. I imagine Jason would tell you he hates writing blog entries (mostly writing in general), so I'll try to pick up the slack and tell you about the less glamorous side of an international move.

Our house is packed up into about a billion (I'm estimating here - cut me some slack) rubber tubs, waiting for our renters to move in later this month. Since they rented the house for June, the boys and I have been homeless since the 1st. Right now, Tim and Ty are staying with their grandma and grandpa Faulkenberry, and I'm living like a bum on my sister's couch trying to remember whether this is what single and childless feels like. I can't remember.

We've figured out how to use the conference call feature on skype, so it's been nice to get to see the the kids and Jason on-screen at the same time, though finding a time that isn't the middle of the night for Jason, past bedtime for the kids, and not during business hours for me has been pretty interesting.

I'm training my replacement at work, and the move is beginning to feel real. Most of you know I'm an accountant, so I'm going through the last month-end close process I'll have for a while, and it feels pretty strange to pass the perpetual reconciliations off to a different set of hands. I'm pretty sure I'll live, but it's an odd feeling nonetheless.

Plane tickets have been purchased, and in the next week or so, I have to get serious about what will and won't fit in my suitcases, and decide whether I'm up to coughing over the extra money for overweight baggage. Wish me luck, and by all means, let me know if you're travelling to Bangalore with a suitcase not filled to capacity!


Chance said...

So what is it exactly that Jason is doing in India? Will you be working as well?

Lorenda said...

He is opening and running a mobile development shop for his company. They basically make applications for College and University Admissions Offices that run newsfeeds, pictures, other media and whatnot. Director of Technology is his official title, but he will essentially oversee all the developers for the company, both US and India. The majority are in India.

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