Tuesday, June 28, 2011
It likely won't surprise those who know me, but I'm not good at waiting. Waiting to exercise? I can totally do that. Waiting until tomorrow to start that diet? Absolutely. But waiting for plans to be made (and followed through on)? Not so much.

But, that's what God has decided to help me work on. Oh - and I guess I should mention for any strangers out there... this isn't a religious blog, but you'll likely see random mention of Him here....He's pretty hard to ignore, Creator of the world and all....

Psalm 46:10 says to "Be still, and know that I am God." It's so much easier to read than to do. And that blip in Philippians that tells us (huge paraphrasing here) not to be anxious, but pray about it - I don't mind the praying part, but it sure is hard not to be anxious.

I'm in my last week of work here in the States, so things are a little hectic. I'll have a brief break for the annual Crutchfield reunion, then it's back to making all those annoying last minute trips to redirect the mail, get bank accounts set up so we have access to our money in India, and seemingly piddly things like buy some straps to tie our mountain of luggage together so I have a chance of wheeling it successfully through an airport while still having a hand (or two) free to keep the boys close. And in between that, I still need to squeeze in a trip to visit my in-laws one more time.

To top it all off, poor Jason is at a stand-still on the apartment hunting. He's found a fantastic place to live, but since his bank account set-up has been delayed until "tomorrow" (I'm beginning to think this is the Indian word for "never"), there's a good possibility he won't have a way to pay the deposit and the owner will end up renting it to someone else. Which makes me?

You guessed it. Anxious.

So while I remind myself that God has a plan, and I'm guessing it has something in it like "teach Lorenda to trust Me", I'd like to ask all of you to help me with the praying part.

I'll let you know in three weeks how everything turns out. :)


tracy said...

i am sure everything will turn out great. i too struggle sometimes with the whole being anxious thing...so i will pray for both of us! love hearing about your upcominig adventure!

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