Monday, May 30, 2011
About six years ago, before Jason and I found out we were pregnant, we brought a couple of new little kitties to our new house. One was female, and a beautiful calico. The other was male, and was the biggest, fattest, red headed thing we'd ever seen. So of course we had to name him after another rotund redhead:
(Henry VIII)

The beautiful calico was of course named Catherine. A few months after they got used to our house, Timothy came along, and the kitties moved out into the cat mansion Jason built for them. (Seriously, it had two stories, a portico, and peel and stick was nicer than our house.) Unfortunately, Catherine wasn't so pleased with her new home, and she quickly made friends with the old lady down the street; I suspect because the lady let her live inside.

Loyal Henry stuck around, even after a rough trip to the vet for rabies shots and neutering. (Ouch) But, since we are moving to India and the red tape involved in shipping an animal is even more horrendous than the fun Jason is going through right now, my sister and her husband offered to keep him while we were gone.

They have two corgis, and Henry is used to living alone, so tonight we took him over for a "playdate". It did not go well. The dogs were excited to meet their new friend, but Henry was not as pleased. After a tense few minutes, I took him outside to calm him down. Outside wasn't far enough away from the scary doggies, and he jumped the fence and disappeared. We left food out for him in hopes that he will come back, but we didn't spot him after 30 minutes of looking. So Henry, wherever you are, I hope you come back to my sister's. Tim and Ty are worred about you. I'm sorry.



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