Thursday, May 26, 2011
So this is actually my second time to India. The first time I was here, in January, I remember everything being dirty, smelly, and just plain gross. Now, I'm not sure that it has gotten better, but I "remember" it being so bad that this time seems much better. It rained before my arrival so when I stepped out of the airport, it didn't smell that bad. So far so good.

Also during the first trip, I made it to Bangalore, but my luggage did not. :( It took an extra day to get that squared away. But this time! My bags arrived with me. Thank goodness! And to top it off, the driver that was to take me to the service apartment was there, waiting for me. Yea!!!

So, my arrival was good and uneventful. I am staying at a place called The Bouvice and have attached pictures below, enjoy!


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