Wednesday, December 12, 2012
I've never particularly felt as if I needed to defend my rights as a woman. Most of this probably stems from the fact that I've been lucky to grow up and work with people who are not chauvinistic, and coupled with my own personality (I'm happy being a non-leader, and a support system for my family). I work outside of the home, and have never experienced a situation in which I felt somehow "less" because of my sex.

Frequently I will see groups fighting for increased women's rights, but I admit that while I support the great majority of these groups in concept, I've never been driven to participate. But even I, one of the more laid back and non-confrontational people you'll ever meet, had to raise my eyebrow at the sign Jason snapped a picture of near Sony World in Kormongala.

Did you see it? "Don't Talk While She Drives" Really? May I direct your attention here? Actually, this kind of stuff makes me laugh, but I am reminded of the differences between India and the US when I see this type of advertising. Marketing professionals in the US would know to expect a lot of flak from certain groups; here in India, I've never heard a complaint. 


Anonymous said...

not back from holidays yet? :-)

Unknown said...

You're probably just seeing things here. This is part of a very effective ad campaign to discourage people from using their cellphones while driving. Infact, there's another ad just like it in the link below which says 'Don't talk while *he* drives'.

Unknown said...

Or this one

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