Monday, July 2, 2012
As I completely missed week, and I have nothing prepared today, I'll open the floor up to the readers. Every once in a while, we make the trip over to MG road to eat at Bangalore's Hard Rock cafe. And every time we go, I see this man, and my brain tells me I should know who he is, but when I request this same brain to tell me, I hear nothing but silence.

Is it the lead singer of Rage Against the Machine?

Help me!


The Kellys said...

Bob Marley? I have no clue. :)

The Kellys said...

Bob Marley? I have no clue. :)

Lorenda said...

This is what my sister and brother-in-law suggested as well, so I'm beginning to think that may be right. I need to remember to ask the employees next time I'm there.

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