Tuesday, February 21, 2012
We took a different journey to Bangalore this time...instead of flying from Tulsa to Chicago (2 hrs), Chicago to Frankfurt (8.5), then Frankfurt to Bangalore (8.5), we flew Tulsa to Chicago (2hrs), Chicago to Dehli (14hrs!) and Dehli to Bangalore (3hrs).

Can't say I feel any more refreshed. But I'm also not any more exhausted than usual. I think it's time to admit that Bangalore is a LONG way from Oklahoma. I'm really glad the boys still get excited about planes. Below, a couple of views from various airports.

The to-Chicago Plane

The to-Dehli flight - loading up the (literally) car loads of food we'll consume on the way.

Tyler's response to watching the catering crates being loaded? "Are you sure there will be room for us?" My answer  - "There will be, for everything but our legs."

Turns out I was wrong - we actually got very good seats - in the bulkhead with enough leg room that I had to point my toes and stretch to touch the wall in front of us. It was really nice, so thank you American Airlines! It certainly makes the 14 hours more bearable.


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