Monday, January 16, 2012
If I still have readers on this blog, I'm surprised... Thanks for sticking around. While my husband is back in the great state of Karnataka, he's a little shy about posting here. (I'm working on it, I promise.) The boys and I are still Stateside, inhaling as many Wendy's cheeseburgers, Chik-Fil-A waffle fries, and McDonald's breakfast sausage burritos while we have the chance. Soon we'll be back to the world of chutneys and masalas! And pickles that aren't dill. While we're enjoying the comforts of our birth country, we'll be glad to get back to the 75F weather. Even though this has been one of the warmest Januarys I can remember here in Oklahoma, I'm still forced to wear a jacket. Santa certainly delivered with the toys this year for the boys. I imagine that has something to do with grandparents not seeing the kiddos for 6 months. Wish me luck packing the suitcases!


John T said...

You still have at leeast 1 reader. Glad you got some time stateside. It's a shame are still 7+ hours away. Safe travels back! Tell Jason hi.

Lorenda said...

Thanks John - will do.

Anonymous said...

We are at least two!. I like your blog and it has been very useful for me! Thanks!! Candy

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