Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Sorry guys, I fell asleep during the fashion show. It's exhausting to dress up and get your picture taken, so this will be the last fashion entry. Tomorrow, we'll talk about signs! Doesn't that sound exciting?

So here I am, posing next to Girija's awesome wood carving. I reported for duty at her apartment (she's my neighbor) for sari-tying boot camp. She dressed me (again), and showed me in detail how to wrap and drape my sari, and while I am still pathetically slow, I at least have a firm grasp on the technique. All I need now is lots of practice.

Another reason for ending the Fashion show -  I am not even remotely photogenic, and as you can tell by the above, I lean heavily toward very strange faces. Sorry. This is why it's always a good idea to hire professionals.


Salwarekameez said...

Not all folks have the "photogenic" effect. But everyone deserves a good pair of clothing. Practice will eventually lead you to your aim.Goodluck!

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